The Latest News!

NURDs begins an exciting new program! In response to the need for extensive, low-cost veterinary care for dogs and cats scheduled for euthanasia at open door shelters in our community, NURDs founded an innovative new program called HEAL (Helping Euthanasia-listed Animals Live).

The mission of HEAL is to provide immediate medical care to canines and felines at open-door shelters who are suffering from treatable medical conditions that prevent their adoption. The purpose of the program is two-fold: first, to provide low-cost veterinary care for animals at-risk for euthanasia in open-door shelters, and second, to relieve some of the cost and care burden of these animals from rescue organizations so that they may focus their efforts on adoption.

Please help us heal as many animals as possible by making a donation to NURDs’ HEAL program. All of your donation will be directly used to provide medical care to animals at high risk for euthanasia in our community!