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NURDs rescue was founded in 2007 by Dr. Barbara Capwell, DVM. After four years as a staff veterinarian at the Arizona Humane Society, Dr. Capwell moved into private practice, but her desire to help injured and ill homeless animals remained strong. Her reputation at the Arizona Humane Society, with other veterinarians, and with rescue groups resulted in an overwhelming request for her help. In response to this need, Dr. Capwell founded NURDs and began providing donated or at-cost veterinary care for many animals.

NURDs focuses solely on saving the lives of sick and injured dogs and cats. Many of these pets have run out of other options, and NURDs is able to truly make a difference in their lives by taking them in, fixing their broken bones, mending their wounds, treating their infections, and providing them with the time and the medical attention they need to survive. Dogs and cats come to NURDs from many sources. Some are surrendered by owners who are financially unable to take on big medical expenses when their pet becomes sick or injured. Many of the animals come from Valley shelters that are always full to capacity and often do not have the means to provide specific long-term medical care for the sick and injured.

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